Session Abstracts

Keynote - Portals and Gateways for all

Simon Shaw

Considering what benefits they bring, how to engage reluctant and hard to reach users, what works now and how can other technologies can be integrated into a broader approach.

Understanding SharePoint 2010

Steve Smith

SharePoint has been re-architectured to help scale out your environment. There's no more Shared Service Provider for your MySite and other Search so how does it work. Steve Smith, SharePoint Most Valuable Professional will discuss how these work and you can put together the search, Office Web Apps and MySites. Find out how to get the best SharePoint farm with only the services you require.


Chris McKinley

SharePoint is an ideal platform for learning gateway intranets and websites but one of the limitations for schools is the very corporate look that you get out of the box. While it is said that 'content is king' when creating a learning gateway, the look and layout of the pages is also a driving force for user adoption. See how Twynham School has used SharePoint to create media and content rich public websites and school internet sites. The session will contain examples and demos using SharePoint designer and out of the box tweaks as well as showing changes and improvements in branding SharePoint 2010.

Patching SharePoint and Preparing your SharePoint 2007 for 2010

Neil Hodgkinson

We all ensure our Windows PCs are update with the latest patches to make sure there aren't any bugs or security holes so why should SharePoint be any different? SharePoint 2007 is currently at Service Pack 2 and Microsoft support may ask you to upgrade to this version first before offering deep technical support. Microsoft also release cumulative updates for SharePoint containing bug fixes, security fixes and performance enhancements - find out why you need these and how to implement them. If you're looking to upgrade or migrate to SharePoint 2010 you'll need to be at a minimum of Service Pack 2 and preferably with Cumulative Update, October 2009 so ensure you are ready for the technical challenges you will face.

A look at live@edu

Chris Rothwell

live@edu is a free email offering from Microsoft and a whole lot more. Do you need to keep paying for your email services or your internal exchange? Why not use the free offering of Exchange from Microsoft? See what live@edu can offer you including student presence online and 25GB of storage. Why wouldn't you want to use this free offering?


Alan Richards and Dave Coleman

Virtualising your environment.

2010 Social Networking Features

Alex Pearce

Student use web 2.0 products in their ever day lives and as more gadgets are released, the importance of engaging students with the way they live their every day lives becomes more important. Microsoft have rewriten the MySite feature in SharePoint and its great! During this session we'll take a look at how they work, how you can use them and why students will want to be on your Learning Gateway even more than ever.

Encouraging user adoption & quick wins

Steve Smith

User Adoption has become a hijacked term over the last year and in this session Steve will go through the various methods, techniques and approaches to get your school actually using SharePoint. This does not only include the planning and design phase but also once it has gone live. All too often companies invest all their time and effort in the technical side to SharePoint and forget the long term goals of users actually using the product and liking it.

SharePoint 2010 for Education

Alex Pearce

What does SharePoint 2010 have installed for the education market? It's so much easier to add an image, text and videos. Content rating, Microsoft Office Web Applications, wikis and blogs. There's so many new features that will transform your schools further than your current Learning Gateway. During this session we will look at these, come find out and ask any questions you have.

Integrating InfoPath Forms

Paul Baker

InfoPath (part of the Microsoft Office suite) is a tool for creating forms to handle all sorts of data entry and collection and its functionality is tightly integrated into SharePoint. We'll look at how its user friendly interface and shallow learning curve makes it a fantastic tool for schools to engage with for everything from simple forms (e.g. photocopying requests, inset applications etc) all the way through to capturing and storing complicated business logic and workflow including reading and writing data directly from databases. We'll see why data in an InfoPath document is much more flexible than if it is typed into a Microsoft Word document, particularly if stored and collated in SharePoint. Avoiding too many technicalities, we'll instead focus on real world examples, finishing with an overview of the new functionality coming in InfoPath 2010.

SharePoint Learning Kit

Richard Willis

SharePoint Learning Kit is a free tool for SharePoint to assign, grade and track work. Richard will talk about the latest developments and the way forward for it.

Parental Engagement

Simon Thompson

At Monkseaton we strongly believe that engaging parents in their children's learning is a key priority and a major factor in student achievement. We have used ICT to improve two way communications between school and home and our parents, students and staff have all contributed to the development of our Learning Gateway.

What do Parents want? What do students want? What does it look like? How has this impacted on the workforce?

How we drove usage

Clare Chambers

How we increased user take up and usage of our portal.

Hosted Overview

David White, Ann Thornton and Katryna Lynas

Derby City started a journey 3 years ago to provide all pupils with an E learning space in line with the Becta requirements. Building from its conception we currently have 60 Primary schools actively using their platforms. Hear how a fully hosted solution has been developed, the successes and the pitfalls plus the real live stories from our schools who have contributed to its success.

In School Overview

Mark Leighton

Blatchington Mill is a mixed 11 - 18 comprehensive school of almost 1800 students. It has run SharePoint within school since September 2003 when the 'BMS Portal' was set up. Since then it has subsequently upgraded to MOSS 2007 and they are now in the planning staging for an upgrade to SharePoint 2010 over the summer. It features areas for staff, students, parents and governors.

It has featured in articles in The Guardian, TES, various education journals, and presentations have been made to ASCL, NAHT, SLICT and at Capita's National Conference. It has also been featured in a Microsoft Technet white paper.

Mark will cover how Blatchington Mill School are using their SharePoint portal to improve information management and parental engagement, the functionality afforded through the portal, and the impact that it is making on the school.

Replacement of the File Server

Alan Richards and Dave Coleman

Do you want to make all your users data available to them through SharePoint 2010? This session will help you achieve that aim by providing you with an insight into how one School achieved this. From moving the files to the use of the new remote blob storage features in SharePoint 2010, this session will cover it all.


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